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Iron processing

Assembled items

That the prefabricated reinforcements reduce the time and therefore the costs of the building company is so obvious that it does not require particular peroration. However, in our opinion, the focus has not always been adequately on other advantages that are not at all secondary such as:

  • The financial factor
    Start of payment from the arrival of the product on site and not from the purchase of the raw material;
  • The economic factor
    Even in prefabrication there may be scraps, but while they are limited to the minimum, given the partial reuse of the resulting materials, on the site the reuse becomes problematic when not utopian;
  • The technical factor
    Considering the high technology of the machinery used in the factory, whose product is largely preferred to the still valid and honest “handcrafted” work that the craftsman is forced to carry out on site;
  • The programming factor
    Made possible by the certainty of the preparation times of the manufactured goods independent fromexternal factors such as the weather.

Iron Shaping

Taking the aforementioned considerations as the foundation of our company policy, operating a modern iron processing center, CAMPANIA RESINFER S.r.l. is able to provide prefabricated reinforcements for foundation poles, pillars and bulkheads of the simplest to the most sophisticated types; shaping and assembly activities on construction sites by transforming the ribbed bars for reinforced concrete, supplied by the main Certified Italian steelworks.

The shaping operations are performed in full compliance with what is shown in the structural graphs previously provided by the customer.
The company operates throughout the country, concentrating its sites in Campania and thanks to the contribution of highly qualified technicians and workers and the use of entirely robotised hightech systems, ensures not only a quality product that meets the requirements of the customer, but allows the rapid fulfilment of the orders minimizing the processing times.

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